Why do Corporate Sustainability Efforts "stall"?

The National Association of Realestate Investment Trusts (Nareit) is a great organization of major Real Estate companies in North America.  They recognize that sustainability is a big issue for the built environment and that many REITs have strong programs addressing Environmental, Social and Goverance (ESG) issues.  Recently I had the oppertunity to share some quick thoughts about why corporate sustainability efforts tend to plataeu and how leaders can help their organizations make the next leap.

NAREIT has a great library of similar short tips by REIT sustainability leaders - see more at this link to the "Jump Start" series.  And for more on the Hagen-Wilhelm diagram of phases shown in the video see other posts on this blog.

Many thanks to my NAREIT collauges Wes Kirk and Matthew Bechard 

The Roadmap Series, Phase V: The Sustainability End Game

At Phase V, sustainable business is a disruptive force as significant to business strategy as the emergence of the Internet.  It will change everything in some way and there will be winners and losers. 

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The Roadmap Series Phase II: The first big step

Stage II is marked by the shift from “random acts” to a declared program or strategy.  Companies get started for many different reasons, but whatever the trigger, the most significant step to unlock the benefits (and profits) of sustainable business is the first one.

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