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Oct 2013

Sustainable Business for entrepreneurs.  
A talk at the Path to Prosperity boot camp in Juneau Alaska. Thanks to The Nature Conservancy and Haa Aani for their sponsorship and support for this event.  58 min Video

Nov 2013

Good News! We have to redesign Everything. 

The Edward Wenk Jr Lecture at University of Washington, Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering.  How sustainable business thinking is changing companies, and the landscape for graduating professionals. 


38 Min Video of the talk by UW

Added June 2013


This interview with Michael Lanza for Outdoor Magazine from 2007 is still is a great intro to the vision of sustainable business, the strategy that REI took to implement it and some of the company and Outdoor Industry success that resulted. 

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June 2013

Prof Andrea Larson from UVA Darden School of Business wrote this piece for the Washington Post using REI as an example of sustainable business success

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May 2013

Fast Company Article on lessons from REI's sustainability efforts by ANYA KAMENETZ 

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May 2013

Presentation for MBA class at Darden school of Business UVA

April 2013

My "Exit Interview" with Joel Makower at
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